...In Partnership for Safer Communities...
TCOPA was formed to educate, train and instruct Citizens on Patrol (COP), Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), Code Blue, Wise Eyes and other Law Enforcement Volunteer Groups across Texas. Law Enforcement Volunteer's greatly enhance the Departments community policing concept.
      Educational and Instructional Opportunities
TCOPA provides an annual conference presenting relevant and useful training sessions. Some of the courses offered are; Homeland Security, DWI recognition, Suspicious Activity (day& night), Driving course, Human Trafficking, Drug Activity, Handicap Parking Enforcement and much much more. 

TCOPA also provides a Citizens on Patrol Certification Course during each yearly conference. The COP Certification course is an in-depth advanced Citizens Patrol class. This course fills up quickly, arrive early to sign up.
TCOPA believes in the importance of volunteerism and especially in the field of Law Enforcement. Our mission is to provide the type of ongoing training for Police Volunteers to assist them in the  performance of non-law enforcement functions so that police officers can be available to answer higher priority calls. COP volunteers are the additional eyes and ears for law enforcement. Police volunteers play a vital role in their community by acting as a force multiplier for their local Police Department.