Our Mission Statement:

To promote a long term partnership between citizens and all Police Departments within the State of Texas. To educate and assist all law enforcement programs throughout the State to help better support law enforcement agencies in their areas..
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Thomas Windham Award 

  2010 - Shirlee Wilkerson
  2011 - Vicki McElroy
  2012 - Holly Hill
  2013 - Vicki McElroy
  2014 - Robert Gonzales
  2015 - Tom Durham
  2016 - Sandra Holsclaw

Large Agency of the Year

 2010 - Ft. Worth Code Blue
 2011 - Collin County Sheriff
 2012- North Richland Hills 
 2013 - 2016 Grand Prairie  

Small Agency of the Year

  2010 - Burleson
  2011 - Hurst
  2012 - Brenham
  2013 - Burleson
  2014 - Burleson
  2015 - Greenville
  2016 - Cleburne 

Coordinator of the Year

 2010 - Sgt. Diron Hill
 2011- Joyce Tidwell and David Moore
 2012 -Tom Wicker
 2013 - Sgt. Chris Jackson
 2014 - Sgt. Brian O'Heren
 2015 - None
2016 - Bob Addison

  Lifetime Members

  Shirlee Wilkerson
  Allen Speed
  Diron Hill
  Caty "Grannie" Atkins
  Carol Skelton
  Jack Skelton
  Gary Brooks
  Vicki McElroy
  Kristy Gilbert
  Delvon Cambell

  Honorary Member
​ Bobby Nelson
 Volunteers are seldom paid; not because they are worthless, but because they are PRICELESS! -- author unknown
TCOPA Executive Board Announcements and Updates:

Executive Board Update: TCOPA Treasurer Scott Johnson had to resign due to health reasons. Please keep Scott in your prayers. TCOPA Executive Board has appointed Joe Tarrant to fill this position. Also Randall Baldwin was appointed as Parliamentarian.

TCOPA President Bryan Proctor II also submitted a temporary leave of absence due to health and personal reasons. He will resume as President as soon as he can. During his temporary absence Kristi Gilbert 1st V.P. will be the acting TCOPA President. The position of 1st V.P. will be temporarily vacant.

TCOPA ByLaws Update: The executive board has not heard from the old bylaws subcommittee. A new bylaws subcommittee has been formed and given a timeline to submit edits and amendments to the executive board.

​Nominations/Awards: False assumptions have been floating around regarding the selection of winners. Selections are based on submissions which are reviewed. If only one nomination form is submitted for a category then that single submission is obviously a winner. We strongly encourage competition in the nomination process. Get your nominations completed and submitted prior to the deadline. If anyone needs help with completing a nomination form please contact 2nd V.P. Mitch Vaughn at info@txcop.org and in the subject line write "nomination help". Thank You... TCOPA Executive Board.
     In Partnership for Safer Communities!
      Texas Citizens on Patrol              Association, (TCOPA)
TCOPA CONFERENCE 2017                 

October 6th thru 8th at the Decatur Civic Center, 2010 W U.S. 380, Decatur, Texas.
Mixer October 5th, early registration.  Thank You Decatur, Decatur Police Department and Decatur CPA/COP. (additional information will be posted as received, return often)